Flag Day Fautasi Race results become official

Manulele Tausala crew and supporters lifting their fautasi inside where it is stored on Utulei Beach after winning the Flag day second year in a row. Photo by Pei Raynar

PAGO PAGO: TUESDAY 22 APRIL 2015: The results of the American Samoa Flag Day fautasi race as it stood yesterday has been declared the official results by the Race Committee this afternoon.

This followed a meeting between the Fautasi Race Committee Chairman Lualemaga Faoa and the Co- Chair of the 2015 Flag Day Organising Committee, Lt Governor Lemanu Peleti Mauga and Governor Lolo Moliga.

They have decided to accept the results as it stood yesterday despite several incidents such as three longboats claimed to have been infront when the race started and the collision between the Fuao and Paepaeulupo’o.

They also decided to forgive the boats that seemingly broke the race rules “as camaraderie and friendship” between the villages and crews is paramount.

The collision incident will not also be dealt with. Meanwhile, Segavao captain Vaimasenuu Zita Martel told the media after the race that she plays by the rules and the paramount thing she held was not to be disqualified given the rules laid down and discussed during the skippers meetings before the race.

“As the captain of a fautasi with young students as crew, I need set a good example and I play by the rules,” she said.

Claims of other fautasi ahead of the rest have been denied by other skippers saying the Committee’s boat was far away and couldn’t see what was happening with some boats already moving and they moved as well so they could start all at once.

The Paepaeulupoo and Fuao in a tangle just before the turn into the harbour

The Paepaeulupo’o and Fuao in a tangle just before the turn into the harbour. Photo by Pei Raynar

The official results and prize monies as declared this afternoon:

  1. Manulele Tausala from Nu’uuli – $20,000
  2. Don Bosco 200 – $17,000
  3. Fealofani Samoa from Fagasa – $15,000
  4. Paepaeulupo’o from Aua – $12,000
  5. Fuao from Vatia – $10,000
  6. Matasaua from Manu’a – $5,000
  7. Taema II from Leone – $4,000
  8. Aeto from Pago Pago – $3,000
  9. Fetu o le Afiafi from Faga’alu – $3,000

The Don Bosco crew had been hosted at Utulei village by High Chief Afoa Moega Lutu and family and the longboat was given the name UT or Utulei Don Bosco 200 to honour the hosts.