Former SNPF General Manager sues Samoa Land for $5 million tālā

Former SNPF General Manager Papali’i Panoa Tavita Moala

By Lagi Keresoma

APIA: FRIDAY 10 OCTOBER 2014: The Former General Manager of the Samoa National Provident Fund, Papali’i Panoa Tavita Moala has sued the Samoa Land Corporation for $5 million tala.

The lawsuit is the result of a failed partnership deal between the two parties.

According to Court documents, the plaintiff had “lost forecast revenue” because the joint venture between the two parties did not go through.

The first Plaintiff is the Farm Technical Ltd Company operating from Apia and the second plaintiff is the Farm Suppliers Ltd operating from Nu’u.

The second plaintiff is a shareholder of the first plaintiff and both companies are owned by Papali’i.

According to Court documents, a statement of claim for $5,305,479.00 has been lodged by the Plaintiffs.

No statement of defense has been filed with the Court yet.

The documents further stated that the plaintiff entered a joint venture with SLC as a guarantor for an urgent loan to refinance the Plaintiff’s overdraft status.

Papali’i had been operating a piggery and poultry farm using locally made feed producing eggs and ham for the local market.

The joint venture was said to be endorsed by a former Minister of Finance and was dissolved before it went any further.

The matter is schedule to be heard in Court, 20 October.

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