Gaualofa back home after 9 months absence

Gaualofa on the beach in Apia just before she departed for the  IUCN world Park Conference in Sydney 2014

BY Leilua Ame Sene

APIA: MONDAY 08 JUNE 2015: It’s been a while since you last heard of Gaualofa’s achievements. They’ve made it again after 9 months away from home, Gaualofa with her multinational crew is returning home after the IUCN world Park Conference held in Sydney 2014. She then spent the whole hurricane season in NZ for maintenance and community awareness programs.

Two weeks ago she joined four other sister Canoes of the Pacific Voyagers to the Manava Vaka Festival in the Cook Islands. That was completed last week, and Gaualofa is now heading home with her crew of 16 including the Captain and two watch Captains.

The crew consist of most Samoans NZ and Australian born, Samoans and Tongans.

One of Gaualofa’s outstanding achievements this time, is having one of her own Samoan crew members as Captain. Fealofani Bruun is 30 years, a crew member for the last six years, and is now able to Captain Gaualofa. Part of Gaualofa’s training and exams for future Capatins is sponsored by the US embassy office in Apia.

Tomorrow, Tuesday June 9th, at about 11am is the ETA of Gaualofa into Apia.
If you are in Apia, please  show your continuous support by joining us at a brief ceremony to welcome GAualofa and crew home, black sand beach in front of Aggies.

Let’s cheer up for our first Samoan Traditional Captain of Gaualofa, and a young lady in the leadership role.

Our Program starting at 11am tomorrow:

  • Entertainment groups, with foafoa on the beach, infront of Aggies,
  • Satalo youth group,
  • Moataa Primary school,
  • Leota Lene Leota’s Siva Afi
  • Prayer Service to be led by Rev Utufua Naseri,
  • The crew is received in a welcome address
  • Faafiafiaga and Gaualofa is opened the whole day for visits.
  • Gaualofa ia under the care of the Aumaga of Apia.