Government explores Job opportunities for Tokelauan

A world renowned Tokelauan dance troupe

APIA: FRIDAY 27 MARCH 2015: The Government of Tokelau are exploring the idea of job opportcgnized unities for Tokelauan’s to work under the American Samoa’s fishing firm, Tri-Marine.

This is an opportunity not only for the Government to benefit but will also provide direct support to Tokelauan people. It will see jobs’ being offered to Tokelauan’s which will provide suitable income as well as capacity building from obtaining the knowledge and experience, which will contribute further to the development of Tokelau.

American Samoa and Tokelau signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) last year. This is an approach by the Government where the opportunity was highlighted on the commercial fisheries agreement signed with Tri-Marine.

The approach is maximising more value for Tokelau’s fisheries, with not only fishing days sold on a bilateral agreement under the US fishing framework but further opportunities insight. An opportunity that maybe have the men offload the fish and women in the cannery processing unit according to the possibilities highlighted by Tokelau’s National Legal Advisor, Lise Suveinakama.

Tri Marine signed a memorandum of understanding with the government of Tokelau last year to bring tuna caught in its waters to the new processing plant in American Samoa

Tri Marine International is a US company that include fishing, trading, processing and marketing with offices and operations in strategic locations around the world including the US territories of American Samoa. The company also owned fishing fleets that will deliver their catch to their processing plants.