Governor of Central Bank of Samoa joins UN Task Force on Digital Financing of SDGs

The Governor of the Central Bank of Samoa Maiava Atalina Emma Ainuu-Enari

SUVA, FIJI, 4 DECEMBER 2018:The Governor of the Central Bank of Samoa, Maiava Atalina Emma Ainuu-Enari has been appointed as the Pacific Representative to the United Nations’ newly launched Task Force on Digital Financing of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The Task Force comprises a select group of leaders and top experts from around the world. Together they will advance proposals that can help ensure that technologies supporting the digitalization of finance will advance the UN’s SDGs. Mrs Ainuu-Enari joins government ministers, tech entrepreneurs, bank and investment CEOs, central bank governors and civil society representatives who are members.

Digital financing holds enormous potential to facilitate achievement of the SDGs. Ensuring that this happens—that the power of digital financing is put to its highest and best use—requires strong leadership. The Task Force was created by the UN to provide that leadership.

”I recognise this is a very rare opportunity to be involved in shaping global action, so I am humbled by the consideration to play a part in this UN Task Force, and also very excited to bring a perspective of a small island developing state and that of a Pacific island economy to the deliberations of the Taskforce.

“I look forward to the work of the Task Force as it will be very crucial in highlighting the importance of financial inclusion in reaching for the SDGs, and how we can harness digital technology to benefit these journeys without threatening financial system soundness and stability,” said Governor Maiva Atalina Ainuu-Enari on her new appointment.

The Pacific Financial Inclusion Programme (PFIP) has applauded her appointment as a great achievement for the Pacific region given it is often unrepresented in global initiatives such as this Task Force. “Governor Ainuu-Enari is both well versed with the importance of digital innovation and financial inclusion and is also a strong advocate of Pacific preparedness in the face of evolving technology,” according to PFIP’s Programme Manager Bram Peters.

The Task Force on Digital Financing will meet in Davos in January 2019 and is expected to present its preliminary report of recommendations to the United Nations Secretary-General in September. It will be supported by a Secretariat hosted within UNCDF, which has extensive experience in digital finance globally. The work of the Task Force is made possible by financial contributions from the governments of Germany and Italy, through the Multi-Partner Trust Fund Building a Strategy for Financing the 2030 Agenda.