Hachiya Scholarship Fund donates SAT$27,983.83 to NUS

Businessman Masoe Norman Wetzel presenting the money to the NUS Vice Chancellor, Fui Professor Le’apai Ilaoa Asofou So’o

By Faye Seiuli

APIA, SAMOA – THURSDAY 15 NOVEMBER 2018: The former Minister of Education, Magele Mauiliu Magele handed over a special fund through the Hachiya Scholarship to the National University of Samoa.

Masoe Norman Wetzel, Hideno Kobayashi and Magele Mauiliu were members of the Hachiya Scholarship Foundation, and they decided to donate the remaining amount in the scholarship fund to NUS.

Magele believes handing over the remaining funds of the scholarship to the University is the best final decision for the Hachiya Scholarship.

“The Scholarship fund has helped NUS students for over twenty years and the Board of Directors have now decided to close the Hachiya Scholarship Foundation Fund Bank Account and hand over the balance to NUS,” said Magele, Hachiya’s Board Member.

The former Minister of Education, Magele Mauiliu Magele

He acknowledged Mr. Hachiya for his thoughtful and generous monetary donation towards the development of Samoa’s young people through education and training.

“This fund will be given into the University Research Ethic Committee for research purposes,” said Fui Leapai Ilaoa Asofou So’o, NUS Vice Chancellor and President.

He acknowledged the help that was given by the Hachiya Foundation Scholarship Fund to NUS.

Hachiya Foundation donated $10,000 in April 2010, to assist with the production of the N.U.S Jubilee CD.

This Scholarship Fund was established in 2008.

History of Hachiya Foundation Scholarship Fund
“The Hachiya Scholarship Fund traces its beginning to an understanding and love for the Samoan people and the Samoan Culture brought by a group of 50 Samoans who went to Japan in 1994 to participate in the World Resort Expo held at Wakayama Marina City in Japan. Pacific International Japan was one of the coordinators for the Expo and they, with the 50 Samoans built a Samoan village to display Samoan culture and way of life.

Mr Hideo Hatchiya, a Japanese national, went along to watch the Expo. There he met the Samoan contingent and he became very interested in the Samoan culture and the Samoan people.

In 1998 Mr. Hachiya, a steel worker, retired from his work and he and his wife visited Samoa bringing along part of his retirement money with them. The kind hearted couple wanted to donate some money to be used to help with the education for Samoan people.

The late Tupua Fred Wetzell was the Honorary Japanese Consulate in Samoa at the time. Tupua received the donation of SAT$50,000 from Mr. and Mrs Hachiya and set up a Foundation bearing his name “The Hachiya Scholarship Foundation” with Pacific International Samoa looking after the bank account on behalf of the Board Directors. The Board of Directors decided then, after consultation with the National University of Samoa to use the fund to support their needy students.