Health issues public warning over typhoid infection


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APIA, SAMOA – WEDNESDAY 05 APRIL 2017: The Ministry of Health in Samoa has issued a public warning to protect against possible infection by typhoid fever following one death in Auckland, New Zealand and at least 14 other people have been hospitalized.

In a Public Notice issued last night, the Ministry is asking people who traveled from Auckland, especially the areas of Mt. Roskill, Manurewa and Blockhouse Bay in the last two weeks, to report to the Ministry for tests and general protection from typhoid.

The Ministry is also asking intending travellers to these areas to take precaution to be protected especially general sanitation and the proper preparation of food.

The New Zealand Health Minister Jonathan Coleman told the media that on Tuesday someone who travelled to the Pacific Islands apparently contracted the disease there then spread it to others in New Zealand.

New Zealand Health authorities said all those infected are members of a Pacific church in Auckland, the Samoan Assembly of God. Authorities said the woman who died last week had other serious health issues and that typhoid fever was a complicating factor.

As general protection, the Ministry of Health in Samoa is asking the public to boil drinking water, use sanitizers or soap to wash hands after using toilets, thorough washing of vegetables and fruits with clean water and keeping food clear of infection from insects and rodents.

The public is also asked that people who may have symptoms such as fever for over five days, constipation especially children and diarrhea need to be checked by a doctor for treatment.

The disease can be contracted by eating food or drinking water handled by somebody who has the disease, or when contaminated sewage comes into contact with drinking water.


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