Health Sector Receives Assistance from Chinese Embassy and L.D.S Church

The 15th Chinese medical team to work at the Tupua Tamasese Meaole Hospital pictured with Ambassador Wang Xuefeng and the Minister of Health, Tuitama Dr. Talalelei Tuitama  

By Faye Seiuli

APIA, SAMOA – THURSDAY 29 NOVEMBER 2018: The Ministry of Health has received donations from the Chinese Embassy and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to support the work of doctors and nurses.

China’s Ambassador, Wang Xuefeng Embassy handed over medical supplies and equipment to the Minister of Health Tuitama Dr. Talalelei Tuitama yesterday.

The Government of China also dispatched the 15th Chinese medical team to work at the Tupua Tamasese Meaole Hospital since July, 2018.

“The 15th Chinese Medical Team with tenure of two years in total comprises of four groups with each group of 6 doctors working for 6-months tenure in Samoa,” said Ambassador Wang Xuefeng.

As per the MOU, during the term of the Chinese medical teams in each year, the Chinese government will provide a certain amount of medical supplies, equipment, and materials to the Samoan government.

China’s Ambassador, Wang Xuefeng Embassy handing over the medical supplies and equipment to the Minister of Health Tuitama Dr. Talalelei Tuitama

Yesterday’s donation was the first batch of much-needed surgical instruments for cataract and brain surgery as well as some essential drugs worth half a million talā (1.16 million RMB).

“I believe that this health partnership between our two countries is a unique example of how two countries can come together and through dialogue and sharing experiences, learn from each other to benefit health and well-being,” said Tuitama Dr. Talalelei Tuitama.

He said Samoa will make good use of the donated medicines and medical equipment to assist with the existing resources in ensuring the Samoan people will benefit from it.

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saint donates wheelchairs worth $47,718.52USD
The National Health Services received 332 wheelchairs and 30 cases of spare parts worth USD$47,718.52 USD or $123,769.90 tala.

“The wheelchairs will allow for easy and safe transportation of patients within the hospital and in so many ways change the lives of those who have lost mobility or unable to physical illness to be mobile,” said the Minister of Health.

This is not the first time the L.D.S church has donated to the National Health Services.

Other than this donation, the church is also conducting prevention and awareness programmes on diabetes so that by the next 15 or 20 years, there will be no need of wheelchairs here in Samoa.

Elder Fata Meliula

“We have a program called Eat Healthy and be Active that we are going to involve 40 or 50 thousand members of the Church starting in February 2019,” explained Elder Fata Meliula of the L.D.S Church.

Fata said the Ministry of Education, Sports and Culture has already accepted their programme in schools.

Elder Fata said the church will continue to provide humanitarian and welfare efforts for the Samoan people who need help.

Some of the wheelchairs and spares donated yesterday

“The church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day saints spends about $40 million USD a year on welfare, humanitarian and other LDS Church-sponsored projects around the world that would account to approximately $1.2 billion on welfare and humanitarian efforts over the past 30 years,” said Elder Fata.