Hearing awareness programme goes to Siumu district

Checking a young girls hearing aid

APIA, SAMOA: MONDAY 20 JULY 2015: Residents of Siumu will benefit from a hearing awareness programme this coming Friday 24 July 2015

The effort is to further strengthen disability awareness in the community, through the SENESE Inclusive Support services in partnership with the disability Inclusive programme, and is taking hearing awareness to the constituency of Siumu this Friday at the Congregational Christian Church Hall of Siumu.

This is one of the activities that has been supported by the disability programme fund, which SENESE applied to and was successful.

The assistance is part of the Samoa disability inclusive programme, which is funded by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Government of Australia, and coordinated by the Ministry of Women Community and Social Development.

The hearing awareness programme is a chance for SENESE to share with the residents of the constituency of Siumu on the importance of hearing and what the community can do to assist people with hearing loss in their community.

The programme will focus on raising awareness in the community on ear health, ways to prevent hearing problems, how to detect if someone may be experiencing hearing loss, and the services available.

It will also give the people of Siumu, young and old the chance to be screened by the audiology team for hearing loss,

Killing two birds with one stone, as Hearing aids will also be made available on the day, for adults in Siumu at a reasonable price.

This will be an opportunity for our people in Siumu who suffer from hearing loss, to get assistance, to hear better,.

A booth will be set up to screen anyone who may wish to be fitted with one of these hearing aids, and install the hearing aid at a reasonable price.

Instead of coming all the way to Apia, This will be the perfect opportunity for our people in Siumu to be screened for hearing loss, and possibly be fitted with a hearing aid if required.

The hearing awareness this year at the constituency of Siumu is a timely reminder of the importance of early detection of hearing problems – the earlier the better!

SENESE (in partnership with the RIDBC and the National Health Service) always offers free hearing screening, advice and referrals for children aged 0 to 18 years. With no cost involved there’s no reason to wait to check their hearing.

Why is hearing screening important?

If left untreated hearing issues can make it difficult for your child to communicate with the world around them, meaning their learning and development might be slower and they may not reach their full potential.

How to spot hearing problems

Have you ever noticed that a child in your family, village, community or church:

  • doesn’t look at you when you speak or clap your hands
  • is not talking as well as other children the same age (delayed speech)
  • does not sing or dance when you play music
  • watches your mouth when you speak (they may be lip reading)
  • is falling behind or doesn’t pay attention at school
  • turns the TV or radio up very loud
  • gets a lot of ear infections
  • has wax or fluid coming out of their ears (never use cotton buds – the inside of the ear is delicate and can be easily damaged)

They might have partial or total hearing loss.

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