Hospital short of blood supplies

By Meripa Gospel Uelese

APIA: WEDNESDAY 11 JUNE 2014: The Tupua Tamasese Meaole (TTM) hospital is in dire need of blood as their stored supply is running low.

TTM Lab technician Afaaso Junior Saleupu confirmed to Talamua in an interview today.

Afaaso and his team were promoting World Blood Day (WBD) programmes which will be celebrated on the 14th June 2014.

Part of the campaign is encouraging the public to donate blood.

He said there was a shortage of supply of all blood types, he told Talamua.

He could not give out a percentage of the supply left, however, spoke on the importance of giving blood to save a life.

Blood donated will be screened and analyze before declaring it safe and uncontaminated.

“It is then stored at the national hospital to be used for patients requiring lifesaving transfusion,” said Afaaso.

“We cannot give the patients contaminated blood, but encourage the donor to see a doctor first,”

Today’s blood campaign focus was on pregnant mothers.

He said blood donated today will be stored for any emergency related to any mother.

Afaaso and his team are responsible for determining who to give the blood to after matching the blood types to the person who needed it.

Afaaso and his team works closely with the Red Cross Organisation not only in campaigning, but in sharing blood in times of emergencies.

Volunteer donors are coming in numbers to assist the call from TTM.

One of the programmes for the World Blood Day is an award for those who donate the most blood during this campaign.