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“I’m going to knock someone out,” says Parker


New Zealand’s High Commissioner to the UK, Sir Jerry Mateparae pointing out to Joseph Parker panoramic views of London from the top of the New Zealand Consulate in Central London. Copyright Images: Matt Impey/www.photosport.nz

UK, LONDON 13 SEPTEMBER 2017: Kiwi Joseph Parker defends his WBO Heavyweight Championship against Hughie Fury in Manchester on Sunday morning September 24 (NZ Time).

The WBO World Boxing champion has also been welcomed by the New Zealand High Commissioner to the UK, Sir Jerry Mateparae.
Sir Jerry, the former SAS soldier, who rose in the ranks to become the Chief of the New Zealand Defence Force, and more recently held the post of New Zealand Governor General, has shown Parker the panoramic views of London from the top of the New Zealand Consulate in Central London.

Sir Jerry Mateparae predicts Parker will be mates with Fury after the bout despite a strained build-up to the fight.

Joseph Parker has cast a ‘special vote’ ahead of the New Zealand General Election at New Zealand house in London today.
“Voting is important but my fight’s more important so I guess I didn’t want the distraction of voting when its fight time so I had to get in there early and get my vote in.”

Joseph Parker heading out to cast his vote

“Joe follows in the footsteps of some pretty amazing boxers and New Zealanders and, not looking too far ahead, there’s a fight, and that’s what he needs to be concentrating on. But equally, it’s about the legacy he leaves and the legacy he contributes about our boxing heritage which is as much about New Zealand as it is about the All Blacks and New Zealand. So he’s at the top of his game. He’s at the top of the world. On his belt says world champion. There aren’t too many people in the world who have got ‘world champion.’

“The people who came to New Zealand, whether they came on a canoe a thousand years ago or a ship 100 years ago, or are still coming to New Zealand, one of the essences of being there is the challenge, the fact that you’ve got to fight for things and the fact that you display those qualities of commitment, of courage and of camaraderie because, at the end of the day, when Joe gets in the ring, that’s what it’s about.  Fight tooth and nail at the start, at the end it’s about respect, it’s about the mateship which comes out of that hard fought fight.”

“I’m surprised how much I’m enjoying London, I thought I would be in my hotel room relaxing and chilling but actually going out to see different sites, to see the architecture of the place and everything is clicking at the moment, training’s gone well, sparring’s gone good,  what can I say, we are a happy camp.”

“Yesterday we did a public session where people could come and see us train,  sort of watch us on the pads, on the bag, skipping and that sort of thing but today we did a good six rounds sparring.  Sparrings sort of, no one’s allowed to come and watch us because we are working on different techniques and skills that we want to show on fight night so it’s going to be a surprise, going to be putting on that pressure.”

“Am I nervous?  No.  Why am I not nervous because I’ve trained hard and when I train hard, I’m going to win.  I’m going to knock someone out.”

Joseph Parker at Trafalgar Square, London, UK. 12 September 2017.