Inaugural National Summit on Climate Change

The Government of Samoa will convene its Inaugural National Summit on Climate Change (NSCC) from 28– 29 May 2009 to commemorate the Year of Climate Change in Samoa.  The Summit will be the platform that will bring all stakeholders that have vested interests in climate change to share experiences and information, develop networks and foster opportunities to work together to achieve common goals.  The Summit will be a high-level meeting aimed at attracting stakeholders to the cause of climate change adaptation, mitigation and sustainable development in Samoa.

As an LDC, and a small island developing state, Samoa is particularly vulnerable to the adverse effects of climate change.  As such, the government and development partners continue to develop programmes to assist Samoa to adapt and mitigate climate change. This forum will provide opportunities for stakeholders to discuss common challenges, goals and positions for Samoa within the climate change discourse across different negotiating levels (local, national, regional and international).  It will be an opportunity for all key members to come together to discuss and provide a way forward through a harmonising approach to address climate change as it affects everyone.

The main purpose of this summit is to engage a wide range of stakeholders to discuss issues pertaining to climate change and to share experiences and information, promotes networking between partners and to foster partner relationships to further development measures that aim at addressing the adverse effects of climate change and adapting to climate change.

The other purpose of this summit is to stimulate a gathering similar to international and regional climate change conventions whereby issues are addressed systematically in plenary and parallel sessions to allow for voice and consideration of views of all stakeholders actively participating.

The key outcomes:

  1. Engage a wide range of stakeholders that include government ministries, corporations, private sector, non government organizations, civil societies, communities, and locally-based regional and international organizations, to share information and climate change experiences;
  2. Inform stakeholders on actions undertaken in the implementation of climate change programs and policies in Samoa;
  3. Discuss and disseminate information on new, existing and key emerging issues, results and programs relating to climate change and development in Samoa;
  4. Share lessons learned, best practices and build partnerships and networking for harmonizing (and mainstreaming of) climate change programs (into development); and The Government of Samoa hereby invites all media to attend the summit. For more information, please contact Ms. Anne Rasmussen 20855/20856 or email

The Summit will be held at the DBS Conference Room, Level 6, DBS Building, Apia from 8.45pm – 5pm, Thursday 28 May 2009 and 9.00am – 1.30pm, Friday 29 May 2009.