Independent election candidate Leota Su’atele not joining other independents

Independent election candidate Leota Su’atele contesting one of the two Safata seats

BY Lagi Keresoma

APIA, SAMOA: FRIDAY 20 NOVEMBER 2015: As a strategy to push for a change in the next Government, former MP Levaopolo Talatonu has been busy behind the scenes organizing independent candidates with the hope of having the numbers to hold the balance of power after the 4 March 2016 general elections.

Levaopolo’s term as an MP was terminated two weeks ago when he changed constituencies at the close of the rolls. He has chosen to run in the Salega district against Opposition MP Toese Ah Sam. He has been declared an Opposition Independent candidate.

Last week, Levaopolo said former and sitting government MPs are part of his party of independents.

However, former MP Leota Su’atele has rejected claims that he was one of the MPs Levaopolo was referring to. When asked if he was a supporter of Levaopolo’s party, Leota told Talamua “no”.

Leota is a stout Independent candidate wishes to remain an Independent MP if he succeeds in contesting one of the newly created Safata seats.

Asked should the Independents hold the balance of power, which party would he choose, Leota said whichever side the constituency wants.

But if the constituency wants you to join forces with HRPP, would you listen to them?

“They have to give me a very good reason why before any decision is made,” said Leota.

Leota entered Parliament in 1996 as an Independent MP and remained as such until the end of his term in 2001.

Two other candidates who wish not to be named not only support the Independent party idea, but a coalition Government.

One of the 2 candidates is a former MP and HRPP supporter who believes a coalition government is in the making.

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