Infant electrocuted, one suicide and death by a stone

The Assistant Police Commissioner

The Assistant Police Commissioner

By Unumoe Esera

APIA: TUESDAY 29 JANUARY 2013: Three deaths occurred in the past week as reported in the weekly Police press briefings with the Assistant Police Commissioner Leaupepe Lealaitagomoa Fatu Pula.

Emelio Tamara, 20 years old from Leauva’a was allegedly beaten to death by Savelio Aukusitino 32 years old of the same village. He appeared before the court yesterday for mention. The Assistant Police Commissioner said that it is suspected that the death was caused by the accused allegedly using a rock with force to inflict injury to the deceased’s head. Leaupepe said it is suspected that the altercation between the deceased and the accused occurred due to the influence of alcohol.

In another report, a 15 year old boy from the village of Fagalii-Uta committed suicide on Tuesday last week after he was scolded by his mother and led to him ending his own life. He was found hanging from a tree near his house.

A three year old boy of Fasitoo-uta was was electrocuted when he touched an live electricity wire that was lying around inside his home.