International entertainers join Samoa’s 50th Anniversary

The long boats regatta will be one of the highlights

APIA: International entertainers from China, the UK and American Samoa are some of the invited who will join the people of Samoa in celebrating its 50th independence anniversary 1-5 June 2012.

Four groups from American Samoa have been confirmed including two fautasis for the long boat regatta and two entertainment groups from the villages of Asu and the district of  Alataua.

The Chairman of the 50th Independence committee Tolofuaivalelei Falemoe Leitaua confirmed the four groups. “But American Samoa is yet to decide which fautasi will represent them,” said Tolofua.

Tolofua said that criteria for the race have already been laid down for American Samoa to abide by. The fautasi have to be wooden built and not fibre and using normal (not scooped) oars. The criteria will automatically disqualify some sophisticated fautasi.

With more that 15 fautasi’s already registered, it will be the biggest regatta ever in the Independence races. There will be an elimination race to select the top eight which will include the two from American Samoa in the grand final.

Some of the highlights will be the popular Chinese Acrobats and the UB40 Concert will a line up of local artists.

Also on the programme is the revival of the school girls marching competition and the brass bands, the Tulula race and a variety show showcasing local talents for two days.

There have been alot of interest from overseas Samoans but the delay in the Organising Committee releasing the details may have an impact on the numbers of overseas visitors to be part of the historic event.

The Official Programme is only being released later this afternoon – with only 27 days to the event.