Isolation Prison Cell No.9. should be reinstated, says MP


The main prisoners ward at Tafaigata prison

By Lagi Keresoma

APIA, SAMOA – WEDNESDAY 24 JANUARY 2018:  The notorious Isolation Prison Cell No.9. should be reinstated to lock up and isolate prisoners who escape from prison.

The call was made in Parliament today by the Member of Parliament for Faleata West, Lealailepule Rimoni Aiafi who  said that the residents of his district are the most affected when prisoners escape from Tafaigata prison.

“If Government thinks that it was proper to reinstate Cell 9 then why not do it,” said Lealailepule.

He believes that stripping prisoners of their parole privileges due to the actions of a few prisoners is unfair.

“I know that escaping prison has an impact on other prisoners who are serving their time faithfully and this should not happen,” he said.

He is however grateful that the location of the new prison under construction at Tanumalala is further away from his constituency.

Social Media, abusers and whistle blowers
The Associate Minster of Telecommunications emphasized the need for technology and users need to be more responsible especially those abusing social media to attack and cause hatred to destabilize the community.

He said the simple solution against social media abuse is for the Government to turn social media off. “But Government is not doing it as we need to be part of technological advancement and development,” he said.

Lealailepule also said that whistle blowers are unavoidable and are needed to expose what maybe hidden. “But they should be done responsibly.”

He also stated that the threat to the country is our own people both local and overseas who are trying to use social media to disrupt stability and peace in the country “when everyone should be working together.”

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