Japan brace for Cyclone Lan to hit today


Japan’s Meteorology Agency  workers  monitors  Cyclone Lan’s progress towards Japan

By Lagi Keresoma in Japan

SENDAI CITY, JAPAN – MONDAY 23 OCTOBER 2017:  Cyclone Lan is due to hit Japan sometime today. 

Typhoon Lan is travelling at130 miles per hour and warnings have been issued around Japan especially the city’s that Typhoon Lan will pass through, and part of Japan is experiencing strong winds.

Japan has experienced non-stop rain in the past week and the Japan Meteorology Agency (JMA) says they are recording 80 mm of rain an hour.

Sendai City which was devastated by the 2011 tsunami is again in line to be hit by the cyclone later in the afternoon.

The threat of Cyclone Lan has not stopped people from casting their votes in Japan’s snap election yesterday.

Journalists from the Caribbean and Pacific briefed about Cyclone Lan’s progress towards Japan

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