Main witness gives evidence on video link from New Zealand

Rula Vaai

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By Rula Su’a – Vaai


APIA, SAMOA – THURSDAY 16 MAY 2019: The main witness in the trial of Peter Tulaga for attempted murder, gave evidence via a video link from the Manukau Court in New Zealand yesterday.

Before she gave evidence, Justice Tafaoimalo Leilani Tuala-Warren ordered a closed court to the media and the public except for family members.

The main witness, Frysna Rimoni had been undergoing medical treatment in New Zealand from serious injuries to her face that is at the center of the trial.

A surgeon at Moto’otua Hospital, Dr. Petueli Emosi, who attended to Frysna Rimoni when she was brought to the hospital on the night of the accident in January this year, explained to the court the extent of the victims’ injuries.

“She was conscious, but cannot talk due to her facial injuries,” said Dr. Emosi.

He explained that the wounds were so severe that the victim’s face was openly shattered, teeth missing, loss of facial tissue pertaining to the upper left side of her face.

He also added her left eye was broken, and the other eye was questionable. “She suffered lacerations to her lower lip, and there was another laceration on her left wrist approximately 4cm long.”

The lacerations according to Dr. Emosi were possibly from a sharp object. “History given to me on the patient was that the injuries were possibly from a gunshot.”

Earlier on in Court, the defendant’s sister Melania who took Rimoni to the hospital, denied saying anything to the nurses who were on duty that it was her brother who shot Frysna, and that she never said anything to the nurses that Frysna’s injuries were from a sharp object.

The trial is continuing before a 5 member jury and prosecution is calling more than 20 witnesses.

The defendant is represented by Lefau Harry Schuster.