Major changes and sacrifices needed for Manu Samoa sevens


The Player of the Marist International Sevens Tournament last week from Salelologa, Savai’i with the Minister of Sports

BY Pa’i Mulitalo Ale

APIA, SAMOA – TUESDAY, 21 FEBRUARY 2017: Manu Samoa sevens is gearing up for the IRB Las Vegas Sevens leg and Coach Sir Gordon Tietjens said they have six days of hard work before they fly out.

“We have been losing games to the death and it’s been tough to take,” said Tietjens.

“There were some yellow cards which were a real concern which were high tackles and the referees are punishing the players who go right near the head,” said added.

Tietjens believes they have to learn from those mistakes to move them forward.

They have to put on the hard work and making major changes and sacrifices.

“If you want to produce consistent performances and the analysis you use, I suppose you use red, yellow and green and you want every player on green, which is supposed to go a little extra.”

“When the yellows are wearing out and more greens in there I’m sure we will get more positions that we all need,” said Tietjens.

Speaking to Talamua during the Marist Sevens tournament last Saturday, Tietjens took his hat off to Marist Samoa for their effort in staging the annual tournament.

Tietjens said this is a very good tournament where he can choose some good players.

“One or two of those players that I have never seen before,” said Tietjens.

He believes that identifying these players they have to do the simple things well.

Although there were concerns about the number of high tackles and a number of yellow cards, Tietjens believes that the simple things should be done well.

“They need to work on their passes, tackles and they have to score tries,” he said.

He said there is an opportunity for some new players to join the team but they have to prove themselves.