Malietoa title bestowal may lead to police charges for contempt

PHOTO: Preparation of the Royal ava for the Malietoa title bestowal at Malie village yesterday morning

By Rula Su’a – Va’ai

APIA SAMOA – 18 AUGUST 2018: The Ministry of Justice and Courts Administration – MJCA has written to Police to press charges against those involved in the bestowal of the Malietoa title at Malie village yesterday.

Those implicated include Papali’i Fa’amausili Moli Malietoa who was bestowed the title and the Alii and Faipule of Malie for not conforming to an interim injunction issued by the President of the Lands and Titles Court, 16 August, stopping the bestowal of the Malietoa title.

The letter dated 17 said an interim injunction was served to Fa’amausili Malietoa and the village council of Malie to stop the bestowal ceremony.

The letter said the Court received a letter from village chiefs of Afega informing the court that Alii and Faipule of Malie and Papali’i Fa’amausili Malietoa have failed to abide by interim injunction and went ahead with the bestowal ceremony.

“We therefore refer this matter to the police to press charges against Papali’i Fa’amausili Moli Malietoa, Toelupe Saua, Maualaivao Pepe, Seiuli Tuiatafu Iafeta, Auimatagi Saoloto, Tulusunui Umutaua, Tulasuni Uluese, Leafa Atimalala, Faamausili Chris, Tuiatafu Iafeta, Maligiapu Sagele, Muagtutagata Peter, and Auimatagi Faafetai for disrespecting an injunction issued by the court.”

The letter was signed by Tuiloma Lopez Williams for the Court Registrar.

Police are investigating and have yet to lay charges.

Malie village chiefs getting ready to accompany the title holder for the traditional bestowal ceremony