Man hit by van in Vailoa

Unconscious pedestrian being dragged towards the kerb away from busy traffic.

Unconscious pedestrian being dragged towards the kerb away from busy traffic.

by Alan Ah Mu

APIA: MONDAY 20 MAY 2013: A man was left unconscious after a van struck him as he crossed the main road at Vailoa, Faleata, last Friday night.

Patrons of Gecko’s Bar, which fronts the road at Vailoa, heard a loud thud and glass breaking shortly after 8 o’clock.

“We thought two motor vehicles had collided,” said one of them, To’elau Tiafau.

But lights from passing motor vehicles revealed a shirtless man in jeans laying still on the road.

The van that struck him pulled over to the side of the road a few yards away, stopped for a few seconds then drove off.

The pedestrian had crossed from the inland side of the road.

A bystander said he lived across the road.

Two young men dragged the injured pedestrian by his arms away from busy traffic to the kerb where he laid on his back unconscious.

He bled from a wound at the back of his head.

The pedestrian opened his eyes monetarily then lost conscious again.

A middle-aged woman from across the road arrived on the scene and began to touch his head in an emotional state.

Within minutes Gecko Keil, owner of Gecko’s Bar, had reversed his Toyota Land Cruiser close to the injured man who was lifted onto the tray of the pick-up and rushed off to hospital with the emotional woman taken along as well.

It was 8.10pm.

Police officers arrived at the scene of the accident and talked with bystanders before heading westward in the direction of the van which had struck the pedestrian.

The injured man was believed to have been drunk because he had bought beer in several trips to a nearby shop, a bar staff member said.

An email to Police for a comment about the accident has not been responded to.