Man tried to rape wife inside court room despite protection order

Samoa’s Courts and Administration Building, Mulinu’u

BY Lagi Keresoma

APIA, SAMOA – THURSDAY 15 SEPTEMBER 2016: A man who tried to rape his wife inside the court room has been placed under police custody until he next appear in Court.

The 31 years old was under an interim protection order to refrain him from having any contact with his wife. But he appeared in court last Monday on a domestic violence matter and his wife who was the complainant was also present.

During the court recess, the husband managed to get inside the room where his wife was, despite the interim protection order against him.

It was at this time that the husband tried to do what he is accused of by his wife.

The wife also filed a complaint against the court orderly, who is a police officer, for allegedly allowing her husband inside the court room where the complainant was.

The Police spokesman, Superintendent Su’a Lemalu Tiumalu said the matter is under investigation, and if the complainant proves correct, then the husband will be charged accordingly.

He also said the complaint against the court orderly will be investigated by the Police Standards Unit (PSU).

Su’a said there are contradictions in what the complainant is saying and the court orderly’s report on how the husband ended up in the court room.

This matter came to light when the complainant gave a testimony at the recent 11th Commonwealth Women Affairs Ministerial Meeting in Apia last week.

As the meeting was on empowering and opportunities for women, the complainant was given an opportunity to speak not only of the incident, but her opinion on how women should stand up for themselves, even against their husbands.

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