Mangere Labour MP’s comments trigger political rivalry

Tuiloa Anetelea

AUCKLAND: The Labour MP for the Polynesian concentrated seat in Mangere, Samoan chief Su’a William Sio, will face a Samoan candidate that will have the full backing of the Gagaifomauga Constituencies in Samoa in the upcoming New Zealand general elections.


The unexpected development emerged in Mangere last Saturday at the fundraising to improve the combined Gagifomauga Constituencies hospital at Safotu in Savai’i, Samoa.


The combined Gagaifomauga constituencies include controversial MP Tuilo’a Anetele’a, the Speaker of Parliament and MP So’oalo Mene.


Member of Parliament for Safotu, Tuilo’a Anetele’a called on all descendants of the Gagaifomauga district residing and who are eligible voters for the Mangere seat, not to support Su’a William Sio any more in the upcoming general elections in 2014.


“Rather, we will find a candidate to support and to run against Su’a in the upcoming general elections,” he told a capacity crowd of Gagifomauga families, relatives and supporters who gathered at the St. Theresa Catholic Church Hall at Wickman Way.


Central to Tuilo’a Anetele’a’s disappointment is the Labour MP’s criticisms against fundraising from Samoa which he said have been an economic burden on families in New Zealand.


Su’a’s comments and views were again aired on the Samoan language Radio News on Friday morning ahead of the fundraising on Saturday of which Tuilo’a felt were directed at their efforts.


Tuilo’a, who claims he never went to school but his schooling has been the Samoan system of serving his family, village and church, said Su’a seems to be a Samoan matai only by name. “And he seems to be the type of matai who neglects his family and stays at a hotel when he comes to Samoa.”


About NZ$110,000 was raised and will help build an extension to the Admission Wards and residences for the Nurses and a medical doctor to be assigned to the Hospital that serves over 50 thousand people on the south western side of Savai’i Island.



  1. matiray

    You go William Sio…fundraising for a hospital is not the responsible of the district that is the duty of the MP to voice to the government. First MPs are elected to be the district’s voice in parliament and now they’re burdening the district people(Samoa & NZ) to fundraise money that God knows where it’ll all go to. Second MPs should never be involved in fundraising. What these 3 MPs did is totally irresponsible and they’re just using their power to make people think they’re doing their job but actually they’re not. There’s no such thing as a free have to earn your living. By setting bad examples of “begging” for money is not the Samoan culture. Love and respect are the foundations of Samoan “matai” system, not using your title and power to get money. Haven’t we all learnt from the Manu Samoa world cup campaign to “beg” for money..where’s the accountability?? And who was responsible..people we so call LEADERS…we need more leaders like William Sio who can stand up for the people and their rights. Do not use our culture and being a “matai” as an excuse for your ignorance and arrogance.

  2. Pepe Vaimoso

    O polotiti i Niusila ma Samoa e tele lave le ese’esega. E sa’o ai Su’a Sio. E tatau i tagata Samoa ona va’ai muamua o latou aiga i Niusila e faigofie ai ona va’ai aiga is Samoa. O leisi mea olea le mea ua omai ai nei faipule e su’etupe i Niusila. Ailoga lava na fesoasoani i nei tagata o latou nu’u a’o lea ua omai taufa’aaoga nai tagata. e le popole lava Su’a iai. E le valea fo’i tagata latou.
    Malo Su’a Sio.