Mathematics pass rate shows no improvement over three years

The Minister of Education Loau Keneti Sio with the education leaders at last weeks annual review.

By Rula Su’a – Vaai

APIA SAMOA – MONDAY 12 NOVEMBER 2018: There has been no improvement in the pass rate for Mathematics for Samoan students over the last three years according to an annual review by the Ministry of Education, Sports and Culture.

Chief Executive Officer, Afamasaga Dr. Karoline Fuata’i Afamasaga said the pass rates have been determined during the Samoa School Certificate – SSC exams in year 12 and Samoa School Leaving Certificate in year 13 – SSLC.

“It is a growing concern for the Education Sector.”

In 2015, only 12% of 1,785 students who sat SSC passed Maths.  For SSLC, only 4% was the pass rate from 1,268 students.

The pass rates for SSC in 2016 went down to 7% while SSLC increased to 5%.

Last year, SSC remained at 7% pass rate while SSLC increased by 2%.

Afamasaga said, the ministry is moving to introduce national exams for Year 2 students.

“We need to tackle the problem at an early stage, so when the students reach Year 4, we have solved the problem,” Afamasaga added.

“We need to challenge them as we cannot draw a fine line on how good they are unless they are challenged.”

According to Afamasaga, they do not expect the move to produce expected results overnight.

English subjects also show a 14% decrease since 2016 from 56% to 42%.

On a brighter note, Afamasaga said, there is an increase on the number of teachers now in Samoa. Not only have they increased in numbers, but with degrees too.

“For College teachers, 69% have degrees in various areas. In the Primary level, about 60% of teachers are out to get degrees.”

The annual review by the Education Sector is to identify the progress of education in Samoa, and provide solutions where needed.