MG Osterdam tourists describe Samoa a hidden paradise

MG Osterdam tourists close up to the fire knife dancer

By Lagi Keresoma

APIA: WEDNESDAY 15 OCTOBER 2014: Samoa may have long made a name for herself worldwide, but to some 1,000 plus tourists that visited Samoa for the first time yesterday, Samoa “is truly a paradise.”

Several tourists from the MG Osterdam cruise ship that docked at Matautu wharf yesterday had a chance to witness and explore Samoa on their brief visit.

Whilst most of the tourist toured the out villages, some spent time eating and dancing at the Samoa Tourism Authority (STA) cultural village events.

Talamua joined in the fun and witness the excitement and reaction from the tourists.

Sisters Martha, 60 and Bertha Francois 57 were from Canada.

“We have traveled the world and this is the first time in the Pacific and I must say I love this,” said Bertha.

Martha, a teacher by profession said if she knew of this ‘lovely place’ back in her teaching days, she would have taken up any chance of teaching here.

The Dunford family of four from England said their reason for coming to Samoa was so they could tell friends they had visited the home of the “infamous Manu Samoa”

The Dunford family are fans of Manu Samoa from the Pacific.

MG Osterdam docking while tourist enjoy the STA cultural village events

MG Osterdam docking while tourist enjoy the STA cultural village events

The far flung group of tourists came from Asia, England, Canada, France and the Americans and watched as the Samoan boys prepared the umu before treating them to a demonstration of how to make fire by rubbing two sticks.

A fire knife dance performance followed before they all took on a brief dancing lesson.

The highlight was the eating time where they were all given food on woven traditional plates (mailo) with portions of various Samoan delicacies.

Most of the tourists that went to the STA cultural events have never been to Samoa and some have noted their wish of returning for a longer stay.

The MG Osterdam is owned by Holland/American Line.

It carried 1500 passengers who are traveling on to Fiji before heading off to Australia.