Ministry of Health issue public warning

By Rula Su’a Vaai

APIA SAMOA – TUESDAY 05 DECEMBER 2017: The Ministry of Health has issued a public warning to ensure general health and hygiene as dengue fever cases keep rising in the middle of the current wet weather.

In a press statement last night, the Ministry advises the public to make sure water is boiled before drinking; plastic bottles are used to keep water must be clean and any containers used to keep water must be covered at all times.

Food must be well cooked, and well covered to keep away from insects and flies, and preparation must be clean all the time.

The statement further advised because of bad weather, all toilets must be clean, and use water from the rain if there is water disruption.

“Cleanliness must be observed all times, especially with dumping of rubbish to keep out insects, and also extra good care for the elderlies.”

The Ministry advises that due to the increase in the number of dengue fever cases, it is best to use mosquito repellents, burn and destroy mosquito breeding sites and keep the children away from flooding areas for their safety.

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