Ministry of Health warns of dengue outbreak


APIA, SAMOA – WEDNESDAY 01 NOVEMBER 2017: The Ministry of Health has informed the public that there is a Dengue Outbreak in Samoa.

The Director General and Chief Executive Officer, Leausa Toleafoa Dr. Take Naseri says that an increase in the number of confirmed dengue cases from the Tupua Tamasese Meaole Hospital indicates a dengue outbreak.

In a press statement, he reveals the Current Surveillance Information:

  • There has been an ongoing rise in clinical dengue cases at TTMH since the last couple of weeks.
  • Pediatric Ward has also reported an increase in cases with the following signs and symptoms:

Prolonged illness over several days with fevers over 3 days; Nausea & vomiting; Abdominal pains; Headaches; Generalized joint and muscle pains and body weakness.

  • Laboratory confirmed cases have also risen in this period.
  • Overseas laboratory tests have confirmed the presence of dengue in Samoa.
  • We are continuing to investigate and monitor other information as it becomes available.

The Ministry of Health continues to advocate Source Reduction of mosquito breeding sites; and General Hygiene in the homes.

This includes draining long standing water and cleaning up rubbish around living areas and avoiding mosquito bites by the use of proper clothing for protection and use of mosquito nets and repellents.

The Director General also advises the public to be vigilant for dengue, especially in people who have chronic illnesses such as diabetes, hypertension, and any immune compromised conditions and to see a doctor as soon as possible, if unsure of symptoms.

“For people who have previously been infected with dengue there is a particular need to avoid another infection. There is an increased risk of severe illness in people who have a re-infection or a second dengue virus infection,” he stated.