Ministry of Women’s youth employment program hailed a success


Some NUS students taking part in the National Youth Week celebrations

By Faye Seiuli

APIA, SAMOA – WEDNESDAY 08 AUGUST 2018: The success of the Ministry of Women, Community and Social Developments Youth Employment Program (YEP) is evident in the 84% of youths currently enjoying full time employment with various companies and businesses.

The programme addresses unemployment in young people and has been operating for four years and is a partnership with the UN and the Chamber of Commerce that deals with the employers.

The Assistant Chief Executive Officer Nanai Sovala Agaiava said since the program started, 84% have secured employment after 10 weeks of observing at various businesses.

“The fourth group of intern is currently underway for 8 weeks, and if businesses approve of their performances, they could employ them permanently,” said Nanai.

The celebration of YEP’s success coincides with the celebration today of the Samoa National Youth Week which was officially launched today.

Nanai also said the success of the program is not complete without the support of parents, village councils and families who are also involved in the program.

He said the selection of youths for the program is based on the verification assessment on families with very low income and identify the youths to be trained under the program. The Ministry also does a skill matching assessment to identify the strength of a youth and match them with the appropriate business.

The Ministry also assist in preparing the youth curriculum vitae, application letter and some of the interview process when an employment vacancy is available,” said Nanai.

“We have 300 unemployed youths currently registered under YEP and we use our networking platform to inform businesses and companies about YEP,” said Nanai.

Nanai also commended the support from the village councils on the Ministry’s District Development Program which helps YEP to identify youths for the program.

Reverend Latu leads the Ministry DDP project and he too commended the support from villages.

“The DDP plan their own development strategy and the Ministry steps in an assist in implementing it,” said Reverend Latu Afioga, MWCSP ACEO for Governance.

The DDP program also targets youths and families who are not on YEP by placing them on other programs such as farming and creating handicrafts development as a means for income.

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