Miss Samoa Alumni 2017 support the Samoa Cancer Society


Former Miss Samoas Manamea Apelu, Janine Tuivaiti and Sheree Alekana launching the Miss Samoa Alumini 2017

By Julie Simati Fiu

APIA, SAMOA – FRIDAY 27 OCTOBER 2017: “It is just the beginning,” says Manamea Apelu, former Miss Samoa 2001-2002 and cancer patient.

Today, Manamea Apelu and former Miss Samoas Janine Tuivaiti and Sheree Elikana announced the launching of their Miss Samoa Alumni.

“The Miss Samoa Alumni is all about empowering our women. Not just women but they have also given so much support to the Samoa Cancer society and also to the people of Samoa,” said Manamea.

The Miss Samoa Alumni painted the town clock pink as a strong awareness message of early detection and early treatment of breast cancer and all other forms of cancer.

Manamea says that painting the clock pink isn’t just a beautiful colour.

“It is not for me, but the interesting thing about is the time. We painted Samoa with love, passion and also with care,” said Manamea.

“We can battle cancer if we have God In us” she said.

Manamea Apelu also mentioned that the stakeholders and pubic support have been tremendous.

“We received a car from Hyundai and we thank and blessed them with what they have given us,” she said.

Janine Tuivaiti, Miss Samoa 2012-2013 added that their main priority is working alongside the Samoa Cancer Society and advocating the ‘THE VAVE’ campaign.

“THE VAVE’ campaign is where we encourage our people to get early detection because at the moment all of our people are being diagnosed as being in the edges of cancer,” she said.

“We are trying to push this message to our country, not to be late when you’re or they’re diagnosed, we can help you with that,” she said.

“Our main focus on bringing awareness on cancer so that we can get a conversation happening within our family within the communities to get early detection,” she said.

One of the Miss Samoa Alumni fundraising and awareness events is the Colour tomorrow at seven tomorrow morning.

The event is sponsored by Bluesky.

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