Miss Samoa brings out the best of Savaii community spirit

The winning float by the Iva Womens Congregational Fellowship hosting Miss Salimu Fagaloa, Dolores Cassandra Satui Cufi

By Lagi Keresoma

APIA, SAMOA – FRIDAY 07 SEPTEMBER 2018: The Miss Samoa Pageant has certainly brought out the best of community spirit in Savai’i hosting the event for the very first time this week.

In yesterday’s Floats Parade, each of the nine contestants floats were prepared by the host churches around the island. The floats depicted themes that ranged from Samoan culture to the environment and Christianity.

The event organizers have certainly tapped a secret button that pulled the community support. Come the finals tomorrow morning at the Don Bosco College Hall, the supporters will come out in numbers to support their respective contestants they had taken as their own and had known since Monday this week.

Certainly, the parting will be full of emotion.

The floats parade was a colourful and lively event as it wove slowly through the Salelologa business center towards the market where the contestants appeared and judged in their traditional wear category.

The Mafutaga a Tina of the Iva Congregational Christian Church hosting Miss Salimu Fagaloa, Dolores Cassandra Satui Cufi won the best float. It was a simple illustration of Christianity in Samoa. A replica of a church was erected on the float with the Bible on the forefront signifying Christian values, and it took the Mafutaga a Tina two weeks to put it together.

Miss Le Naumati Creation, Levalasi Vivian Sua hosted by the Samalaeulu Congregational Church and winner of the Traditional Wear category
























The Samalaeulu Congregational Church hosting Miss Le Naumati Creation, Levalasi Vivian Sua scooped the first prize for the best traditional wear and Miss Salimu Fagaloa, Dolores Cassandra Satui Cufi came second.

The Lalomalava CCS Mafutaga Tina, hosting Miss CCK Georgina Mulipola came second in the floats that featured the tree of life, the Niu.

Community Pride and commitment
Seventy year old Loli Faupo of Iva told Talamua that throughout her years, she has never witnessed such commitment and pride from the people of Savaii, and she firmly believes, this is a start of many good things coming to Savai’i.

The float procession started from the old market at Salelologa towards Don Bosco College and led by a police escort and reigning Miss Samoa, Papalii Alexander Iakopo.

Miss Salimu Fagaloa, Dolores Cassandra Satui Cufi – second best traditional wear

The mood was that of excitement and pride, and while there was no brass band to lead it, the supporters, especially the women created their own beats with whatever they can, singing, cheering and challenging each other.

Alongside the road, a throng of people came out to watch and film the event using their mobile phones.

As the procession reached Don Bosco gates, the school took over and they too not were not to be outclassed and performed what teachers said was the schools best ever presentation.

The Minister of Finance who is also the Member of Parliament for Salelologa, Sili Epa, delivered the keynote address and promised that the 2020 Teuila Festival will be staged in Savaii. Well that will very close to the next general elections. But no one is thinking that far ahead as they just want to enjoy the mood of the moment.

Who will be Miss Samoa 2018 after tomorrow?

The lineup for Saturday’s pageant competition:

Contestant No.1. – Miss Salimu Fagaloa – Dolores Cassandra Satui Cufi hosted by CCCS Iva.

Contestant No.2. – Miss Samoa Melbourne – Lanuola Gissele Tuiletufuga Price hosted by CCCS Sasina.

Contestant No.3. – Miss Samoa Victoria – hosted by CCCC Sapapalii.

Contestant No.4. – Miss Le Naumati Creations – Levalasi Vivian Sua hosted by CCCS Samalaeulu.

Contestant No.5. – Miss CCK – Georgina Mulipola hosted by CCCS Lalomalava.

Contestant No.6. – Miss Samoa Australia – Erin Noela Taefu hosted by CCCS Saleaula.

Contestant No.7. – Miss Samoa New South Wales – Christine Retalila Temareti hosted by CCCS Lefagaoalii.

Contestant No.8. – Miss Susana o Samoa – Sonia Piva, hosted by Auso Metotisi Saloga Salelologa.

Contestant No.9. – Miss Samoa New Zealand – Cecillia Tufuga Fatu hosted by CCCS Tafua Tai.