Miss Samoa Pageant helps boost business in Savai’i

The nine contestants for the Miss Samoa Pageant at the Amoa Resort this afternoon

Story & Photos by Lagi Keresoma

APIA, SAMOA – TUESDAY 4 SEPTEMBER 2018: The Miss Samoa pageant is already hailed as a positive for Savaii Island as it not only showcases what she can offer but is helping boost business.

President of the Savaii Tourism Association, Va’aelua Leali’ie’e Fa’apoipoi Gidlow believes the pageant is more than a boost to tourism.

“This event and Teuila Festival may cater more towards tourism but at the end of the day, whatever we get through the tourism industry and hotels, it trickles down to every other business whether you are a farmer selling goods to a hotel or other,” said Va’aelua.

He said hotels in Savaii are booked out due to the pageant and it is also the high season.

“We boost our tourism industry and obviously will have more jobs for people on the island, and we need to boost tourism,” said Va’aelua.

Come Thursday this week, the Salelologa Township will be alive with activities in a two days mini Teuila event promoting businesses, tourism, Samoan entertainment, fashion and a market day.

President of the Savaii Tourism Association, Va’aelua Leali’ie’e Fa’apoipoi Gidlow

Hosting the Miss Samoa Pageant 2018 is seen as a stepping stone for the island to host future major events.

“It is time for Savai’i to be recognized for what they can do,” said Va’aelua.

The nine is Samoa contestants are hosted by the women fellowships of nine churches and supporters are expected to come out in full numbers on the day of the pageant.

Seven of the nine contestants are from overseas and yesterday braved the reality of village life such as visiting the taro plantations, visiting the families and the elderly and women weaving and handicrafts.

“We are all proud and when it comes to our turn to host an event, we go all out and as President, this is a chance to showcase what we can do as Savai’i people,” said Va’aelua.

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