Mosquito coil suspected in fire that killed one year old boy


BY Vaisē Ta’alefili

APIA, SAMOA – THURSDAY 27 OCTOBER 2016: A mosquito coil is suspected to be the cause of a fire that killed a one year and 2 months old boy at Lauli’i village last Friday.

The Police spokesperson, Superintendent Su’a Lemalu Tiumalu told the media today that the incident happened while the baby’s mother was in town and the grandfather and an 11 year old son looked after the sleeping baby.

Su’a said the investigation report stated that before the mother left for town, she instructed her 11 year old son to prepare a mosquito coil and place it where the baby was sleeping.

As the baby slept, the grandfather did some work behind the house while the 11 year old boy went to watch television at a nearby house.

The report also stated that a box of matches was in the same container as the mosquito coil.

Asked how a fire could go unnoticed in a village, Su’a said, by the time the fire intensified, it was too late to save the child.

He said the baby’s body was badly burnt and charges of negligence will likely be laid following police investigations.