Moved by the survivors of abuse strength – Volunteer Kristina Andersen’s story 

Teacher and social worker – Volunteer Kristina Andersen from Denmark with some of the children at the Samoa Victim Support Campus of Hope

Source: Samoa Victim Support Group

APIA, SAMOA – TUESDAY 26 MARCH 2019: She travelled all the way from Denmark to volunteer for Samoa Victim Support Group for a period of nine weeks.  Teacher and social worker at Kindergarten Kong Tumle, Copenhagen, Ms. Kristina Andersen shared her story of admiration for the survivors of gender based violence cared for at the Campus of Hope.

Despite being oceans away from home, Kristina blended in well as part of the SVSG growing family.  As she completed her 9 weeks with SVSG, we are sharing her story because according to Kristina, “If I can come all the way to volunteer for these vulnerable children, so can you.”

We Can, You Can: Kristian Andersen’s story 

“To be part of S.V.S.G has been a great experience for me. I am already close to the end of my 9 weeks of volunteering and have had so many wonderful experiences.  

“When I arrived I was very lucky to be part of the big “BUDDYING UP” project for child vendors. During the two weeks of the program I met some incredible sweet and strong kids and young people. The S.V.S.G made it possible for the kids to go to places they have never been before and it was so rewarding to see the happiness and excitement in all their faces. They found joy and appreciation in small things, which many kids back in Denmark are taking for granted.  

“After ending the project it has been such a joy to go around town and met up with some of the kids again.  Especially one meeting at the bus station made me so happy- here I met one of the small girls from the program, standing in her new school uniform with her new schoolbag and both her and her mother looked so proud and happy.  

“To be part of the programme also gave me a fantastic opportunity to get a glimpse and learn about the Samoan life. I immediately feel in love with the happy spirits of the Samoan people and the passion for traditional music and dancing and the joy it brings- But I also saw big problems and challenges in the Samoan society with child vendors and abuse. Thankfully the people of Samoa have an organisation like the S.V.S.G. For me it is terrible thinking about how the lives of these vulnerable children and woman would look like without the hard work and support from S.V.S.G.   

“I have also spent a lot of time at the Campus. I have a big class with kids with different ages and different needs.  And right from the start I really loved spending time with the kids and we have lots of fun together.  

“Many times I have been so moved by their stories and I am full of admiration over how strong and brave these kids and young women are. I feel very proud to be a part of the S.V.S.G. team and I will always remember this experience and do my best to keep on supporting the S.V.S.G. when I go back to Denmark.”  

SVSG says: Thank you so much Kristina for being part of the SVSG family of supporters and friends.