Murder accused over double killing suspected of mental problems

By Lagi Keresoma

APIA: FRIDAY 14 MARCH 2014: The 43 year old male of Ulutogia, Aleipata now charged for the double murder of two men early this week, is suspected to have mental problems. A medical assessment this week says he was mentally ill. The man’s name is withheld and is still under police custody.

Acting Police Commissioner Fauono Talalelei Tapu confirmed the charges.

“He is charged with two counts of murder,” said Fauono.

The accused is related to the wife of one of the deceased. Police says there had been an argument over land between the accused and the deceased the day before.

The double murder happened between 3.00am-4.00am Tuesday morning.

Fauono said the injuries from this killing is one of the worst he had seen in his 30 year career as a police officer.

Fauono had also applied to the Coroner for an early release of the bodies for burial due to the severity of the injuries.

Both the deceased and accused are from Ulutogia and a related through the wife of one of the deceased.

The deceased  are a 41 year old  married man with three children and a 27 year old, also married with a young daughter.

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