Murdered young man was to work in American Samoa

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By Rula Su’a – Vaai

APIA, SAMOA – WEDNESDAY 24 APRIL 2019: The twenty year old man of Fasitoo-uta, who was murdered on Easter Sunday evening, was about to leave to work in American Samoa.

Miracle Mioko Ivaaileone of Fasito’o-uta was been beaten to death by two men on Sunday evening.

Miracle’s sister, Pelenatete Senio, said her brother went with his friend to the shop on Sunday evening. It was the last time she saw him until one of her family was sent by her aunty to fetch her parents to discuss an urgent matter.

“The meeting was to inform my parents that my brother was taken to the hospital.”

According to Pelenatete, her brother had severe wounds to his head and to his face.

“We were told by my brother’s friend that as they walked past by the accused’s house, the accused called out to him, but my brother did not hear because he was talking on his phone.

“The next minute before they knew it, the phone was snatched off from his hand, and the beating began.”

Senio said her parents relied on his brother to take care of the family. She said her brother’s travel documents to work in American Samoa’s Fish Company –Starkist were approved last week.

“He was supposed to go to American Samoa next week. He was so excited because he said he was going to work and send money back to help take care of our parents. But now he is gone,” said Senio as tears rolled down her cheeks.

Miracle Mioko was the second eldest of seven children and was not married.