National Council of Churches encourages media to be brave


Members of the media who attended closing of the media month Jubilee celebrations at Mauga, Samalaeulu in the weekend with Father Ponifasio Ulugia Kele

BY Lagi Keresoma

APIA, SAMOA – MONDAY 26 SEPTEMBER 2016: The Chairman of the National Council of Churches Kasiano Leaupepe has expressed his appreciation to the work of the media in disseminating information and encourages the media to be strong and brave in the performance of their duties.

Leaupepe’s message was delivered at the closing of the month allocated by the Catholic church to recognize the work of the media and communications to the church and the public.

The Jubilee of the media month was initiated by Pope Francis to let the church in the world pray for the media on the whole month of September.

For Samoa, the opening Mass was held at the Tu’utu’uileloloto Hall, 5 September on the invitation of Archbishop Alapati Lui Mataeliga and the closing was at Samalaeulu and Mauga Parish last Friday.

Leaupepe said that there is nothing that God created without a purpose.

“The media has a purpose and this is to keep you and me informed,” he said.

He said people are sometimes angry at the media because of the media’s drive to expose “everything and anything.”

“Jesus said nothing can be hidden forever, and if they are things worth reporting, then, it should be reported.” he said.

Leaupepe believes the Catholic church’s initiative to honour the media and every communication avenue is how high the church regards this line of work.

He is also aware that there are church leaders who are very anxious when the media picks on an issue that they are involved in.

“This is where the media needs to be strong and do their work bravely,” Leaupepe said.

A child's touch - filming the service on a mobile phone

A child’s touch and a potential media practitioner – filming the service on a mobile phone

The closing Mass was conducted by Father Ponifasio Ulugia Kele and media representatives present shared with the public their lie of work.

Radio New Zealand reporter Autagavaia Tipi Autagavaia, Aigafetu Leiataua, and Talo Ulafala Lamamea of the Savali Newspaper,  spoke on behalf of the media.

Father Ponifasio said reporters or the media have been christened with many names, such as watchdogs, sniffing dogs, gossip mongers and many others.

The church priests, deacons and media guests were welcomed by the traditional usu by the village and an ava ceremony, followed the church service on Saturday morning.

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