National University clarifies entrance criteria for Foundation Certificates


National University Vice Chancellor Professor Fui Asofou So’o

By Julie Simati Fiu

APIA, SAMOA – TUESDAY 23 JANUARY 2018: The National University of Samoa (NUS) today clarified the university entrance criteria & regulations for Foundation Certificates 2018.

“The Foundation programme is not just one programme, but different kinds of programmes,” said the Vice Chancellor Professor Fui Asofou So’o.

Some of the programs include Foundation Certificate of Art, Foundation Certificate of Science, Foundation Certificate of Commerce to name a few.

“For these programmes, the general entry criterion is to have scored at least 200 marks, which includes marks from English and the best three subjects in order for a student to be accepted to the University Foundation Programme.”

Fui  also explained  that for English, it is a must to get at least 50 marks with the exception of one programme, and that is the Foundation of Art which a student must have at least 60 marks in English.

The University allows a second chance for students who do not pass the entry mark for English.

“If you are in Between 45 and 60 marks, you are still allowed to enrol here and do the English HEN003,” he says.

When a student passes HEN003 English, then a student will be able to enrol in the English proper that counts for the Foundation Certificates Qualification.

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