Nephew charged for uncles death

BY Maria Uaita

APIA: THURSDAY 19 FEBRUARY 2015: A 55 year old man believed to have died from natural causes is suspected to have been murdered by his nephew.

Superintendent Lemamea Su’a Muliaga Tiumalu during press conference said, the deceased’s family only knew of the incident which led to the uncles death from the wife of the accused.

Police reports says, the nephew and the deceased had differences over family issues, which led to the accused “slapping the deceased on the head.”

“The deceased fell and his head hit a hard object,” said Superintendent Lemalu.

The incident took place on the 26 January 2015 at Fasito’o-uta but was only reported to police on the 15th February 2015.

The deceased’s family told police the deceased had chills and they thought he was sick.

He died later on the same day.

A few days later, the accused’s wife recounted the incident involving her husband and the deceased to one of the deceased’s brother,

Suspicious that his brother was murdered, they asked for a post mortem which claimed the deceased was assaulted.

The brother then informed the police.

The accused is in police custody awaiting appearance in Court on the 02 March 2015.

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