New water supply lines for Safa’ato’a village


Some of the Safa’ato’a village men happy with the 70 year old copper water lines being replaced

SAFA’ATO’A, SAMOA – WEDNESDAY 28 MARCH 2018: After some 70 years, the 580 plus people of Safa’atoa village have just had the rusty and leaky copper supply line for the water supply replaced.  Imagine turning the faucet at your kitchen sink and find brown water running out. This may happen to you only after a natural disaster but for the 581 people residing in Safaato’a, consistent supply of clean water was a dream.  For some 70 plus years, Safaato’a water was running through a copper line that was leaky, rusty and corrupted from time and exposure to the elements. The leakage meant low water pressure, unreliable and inconsistent supply for all of the 581 residents of the village.

“The currently exposed reservoir was first built in the times of the German. Since then, there has not been any major new development in terms of its upgrading and maintenance with efforts to stop the leakage has been successful but was temporary due to the limited resources available at the time,” explains Finau Taape, the Village Representative.

The project was funded by a grant of $37,623.20 SAT under the CSSP Small Grants project plus $20,000.00 SAT as the villages’ contribution.

With the help of a Project Committee, Finau initiated and submitted a project proposal to replace the main pipe line as a permanent solution and to promote better water management in the community.   In addition, there was a proposal for a standalone structure to provide cover for the currently exposed reservoir. This will prevent flying debris from contaminating the village’s water supply, which was a constant issue that causes low water pressure.

The administration of the fund was coordinated by the Civil Society Support Programme (C.S.S.P) and implementation by the Safa’ato’a wider community coming together to provide the labour required.

According to Ms. Cecilia Amosa, “Safaato’a project is not only practical but also a sensible and realistic approach in improving the water supply to all households in Safa’ato’a also contributes to building resilience of their community in times of natural disasters.  This project also reflects on the strong and close collaboration between Safa’ato’a community and government ministries to ensure the long term sustainability of their community project, and to improve the resilience of our people in times of natural disasters”.

The Safa’ato’a village representatives and the project officials pictured at the enclosed reservoir


The project also contributes to the community’s adaptation to climate change.

“Through this support, the community of Safa’ato’a is resilient and well prepared in times of natural disasters in the future,” says Finau Taape, the Village Representative.

“We will have an unlimited supply of water as well as clean and safe drinking water. The majority of the families now have daily access to clean water through the new installed pipelines, that are directly connected to the main reservoir inland of Safa’ato’a.”

Replanting and management of the Safa’ato’a watershed by another government project in recent years is one of Samoa national priorities in pursuit for better natural resources management and sustainability.  The assistance from the Adaptation Fund has enabled the village to improve the management of their water resources and supply by replacing old, rusted main pipes from the reservoir to the village as well as building a basic shelter as cover for the existing reservoir to prevent contamination.

“We are very appreciative of the assistance being given to Safa’ato’a as you have witness today.  Thank you UNDP for such opportunity, thank you MNRE for your support through the replanting of trees and a well secured fence around the land where the reservoir is situated, also thank you C.S.S.P for being the avenue these funds are being sourced through,” says Finau Taape.

The project was funded by UNDP and implemented by MNRE and CSSP through the Adaptation Funds Project. It has provided Safa’ato’a an efficient water supply in times of natural disasters.

The project also takes into account the commitment of the community to have Safa’ato’a Climate Change Ready!