New Zealander accused of selling rental cars wants to unify churches

New Zealander Grant Holland facing 12 charges for selling rental cars now turning to preaching

By Lagi Keresoma

APIA: THURSDAY 12 MARCH 2015: A New Zealander, who is accused of selling rental cars without the owners knowledge is going around preaching about unifying the churches as part of his mission to Samoa.

On Tuesday evening, Holland half naked and armed with a stick went from house to house at Tulaele preaching of unifying churches.

One of the houses he visited belongs to To’omaga Pati Leapai of Tulaele.

To’omaga’s daughter Paulua Suni knew who Holland was from the pictures in the newspaper, but because she was curious, she allowed Holland to state his business.

He introduced himself as Grant Holland and that he was a church minister from Christchurch working to unify the churches.

He has been in Samoa for more than 30 years doing ministerial outreach work and it was part of that work he was doing house to house preaching.

He wanted to know which church To’omaga’s family go to and Ms. Suni said “different churches.”

Holland went on about so many churches and God’s will for the people and church.

One of To’omaga’s relative visiting at the time, joined the conversation and pointed out to Holland that church minister’s do not go around preaching God’s word half naked.

Holland was only wearing a light brown pair of shorts, a stick, no shirt and no bible.

Holland countered by saying he uses the same style and method in New Zealand.

“You are not in New Zealand and it is not Samoan culture for faifeau’s to go around preaching to the people half naked,” said Ms. Suni.

Holland then reminded To’omaga’s family of Samoa’s old history before the missionaries came when women wore very little to cover themselves.

The conversation then took a different turn when Ms. Suni told Holland that she knew of him and what he was accused of.

Ms. Suni’s mother Fialelei cautioned the family saying Holland might be up to another trick similar to what he was accused of in Court.

“All lies,” said Holland referring to the pending court case.

He told To’omaga’s family that the media has sided with the rental companies and defamed him.

“The truth will come out,” were his last words then he walked away.

Grant Holland is jointly charged with an inmate, Ms. Vaioleti Stowers with 12 charges of selling rental cars that had been rented from local rental companies.