Non complying vehicles will be towed & impounded soon


Road traffic at the Vaimoso intersection

BY Lagi Keresoma

APIA, SAMOA – FRIDAY 03 FEBRUARY 2017: Vehicles that will not comply with the Road Traffic Ordinance Act and the Land Transport Authority Transitional Road Use Management Regulations 2011, will be towed and impounded as of 01 March 2017.

Offences include illegal parking, vehicles exhuming smoke, unsafe vehicles, or vehicles causing any obstructions on the road.

An LTA official told Talamua such vehicles will be towed and impounded at LTA complex Vaitele and can only be released after paying a fine.

The Land and Transport Authority was to enforce the policy 01 July 2016 but has extended that to next month.

In June 2016, LTA issued a notice informing all vehicle owners “that on the 01st July 2016, LTA will exercise its power by enforcing the towing and impounding of vehicles found not complying with the Road Traffic Ordinance Act 1961 and the LTA Transitional Road Use Management Regulations 2011.”

According to an LTA official, when this policy is enforced, people would have to come in and pay their penalties in full before recovering their vehicles. But if the time limited for payment is up, LTA has the authority to sell any vehicle.

The official also said that this is part of LTA’s campaign to keep the roads safe for traffic and the public.