NOTICE: MNRE RED National Logo Competition


, Public Notices

  1. Background

The IMPRESS [Improving the Performance and Reliability of Renewable Energy Power Systems in Samoa] Project is a joint Government of Samoa, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and Global Environment Facility (GEF) national renewable energy climate change mitigation project. UNDP is the designated GEF Agency for the project and the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MNRE), Government of Samoa is the Executing Partner.

The main  objective of  Improving the  Performance and  reliability of Renewable Energy Power  Systems  in  Samoa  is  to  improve  sustainable  and  cost-effective  utilization  of indigenous renewable energy resources for energy production. This project consists of five main components with activities namely;

  1. Enhancement of Renewable Energy Policy Formulation and Implementation
  2. Renewable Energy Power System Improvements
  3. Financing of Initiatives for Electricity Saving, Productive and Special uses of RE electricity and Electricity System Performances Improvement
  4. Productive and Social Uses of RE electricity
  5. Enhancement of Awareness on the Applications and Benefits of Renewable Energy Technologies [RETs]

To facilitate the spirit of collaboration between all levels i.e. regional, national and community, the 5th component is oriented to promote enhancement of public awareness, knowledge  sharing  and  experience  exchange  amongst  the  stakeholders    involved  in  the project.  This will be achieved through consultations and collaboration between relevant partners and stakeholders.

To promote participatory interactions amongst stakeholders, organisations as well community groups; and to articulate with other projects initiatives on renewable energy and climate change mitigation measures, a  ‘logo’ is essential to enhance  the projects outreach, visibility and symbolization.

  1. Objective

The main objective of this competition is to develop a brand (meaning a logo) to be used by the IMPRESS Project during its implementation period. This logo should reflect the purpose of this project, which will promote the cost-effective utilization of indigenous renewable energy resources for energy production in Samoan as well as for achieving national goals in Samoas Development Strategy, Energy Sector Plan, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and  global  commitments  such  as  Intended  Nationally  Determine  Contribution  (INDC) targets.

  1. Eligibility

  • The contest is open to members of the public, aged 18 – 35 years
  • The Logo should reflect the objective of the IMPRESS Project and the topics related to the Renewable Energy;
  • Team or Group submission is acceptable.
  1. Submission guidelines, Prize and Due Date

  • The contest is open from 1st  November to 21st  November 2017   and only one submission per person or team/ group is accepted;
  • Submission  must  include  a  template  which  should  be  filled  out  with  the information of the participant or team. This template is attached;
  • All entries (submission template, including logo- preferably in PDF or PNG or JPEG formats)   should be submitted via email to the Project Coordination Unit (PCU) of the IMPRESS Project, specifically to Vanda Faasoa Chan Ting, email:  or Toiata Apelu-Uili, email
  • The submissions will be evaluated by a committee composed of the PCU of the IMPRESS Project, and  relevant project ppartners and the decision of the winner will be informed on 28th November 2017.
  • The winner will receive prize money of $500 SAT on 29th November 2017.
  1. Logo design guidelines and parameters

  • The logo will be featured on the MNRE, UNDP, and GEF – IMPRESS Project website, social media, communication platforms any other mediums. Thus, the logo  should be eye-catching and legible;
  • Submitted logos cannot contain third parties’ copyrighted materials and may not include images or licensed images that have been previously published;
  • It is preferable that the participant or team create and edit their own brand;
  • The logo can include images, pictures, words or any figure that can identify the project.
  1. Intellectual property

  • The intellectual property of the selected brand will be transferred to the UNDP- GEF IMPRESS
  1. Winner and recognition

The winning logo will be used as the official brand for the IMPRESS Project. The winner will  be  recognized  as  the  entry  (person  or  team)  that  proposed  the  best  logo  in  any information and communications material as well as any activity and event promoted by the project.

The Project Coordination Unit will improve the quality of the design and diagramming of the selected brand, if necessary.

  1. Contact information

For more information about this initiative, please contact Vanda Faasoa Chan Ting, ACEO- RED, email:  or Toiata Uili, email:

  1. Submission Template

Attached is the information sheet that needs to be submitted together with the brand (logo).