Notorious prisoner Lauititi Tualima refuses to enter a plea


Notorious prisoner Lauititi Tualima

By Lagi Keresoma

APIA, SAMOA – MONDAY 19 FEBRUARY 2018:  Notorious prisoner Lauititi Tualima has refused to enter a plea on the charge of escaping prison, and was aggressive as he responded to Chief Justice Patu Tiavaasue Falefatu Sapolu’s question.

Tight security was provided as he started to yell inside the Court. He however told the Court that prisoners escape because they are treated harshly and cruelly inside prison.

Lauitiiti is described by police as one of the most dangerous prisoners. He has escaped from custody several times and during one escape he attacked a businessman who lost his teeth and had serious injury to his head and later raped an Australian tourist while her helpless partner watched.

Just before Christmas, he and two other prisoners escaped custody but were later returned by their families to Tafaigata prison. The third prisoner, Uili Manuleleua is still on the run.

After his Court appearance today, Lauititi was escorted out under heavy security and his case will be recalled at an unspecified date.

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