Ordained pastors cautioned to keep the faith and serve diligently

Reverend Julius and Lenitali Fruean who serve at Samatau after the ordination ceremony

By Lagi Keresoma

APIA, SAMOA – MONDAY 21 MAY 2018: Twenty four ordained pastors of the Congregational Christian Church of Samoa (CCCS) were cautioned to keep the faith and serve diligently in their respective parishes.

Members of the Church came together to witness the ordination of the pastors at the church headquarters at Malua last Saturday ahead of the annual conference – Fonotele – starting this week.

Leading the service was Reverend Elder Lucky Slade who issued a strong advice to the ordained pastors to keep the faith and serve diligently.

Elder Slade made reference to what Paul said to the church leaders in Corinthians that despite their being gifted in everything, they were still immature.

“To the ordained pastors, despite the many years you have served your apprenticeship in various church districts, you are still immature in faith,” said Elder Slade.

“There are pastors who do not care about their calling, set themselves up as chiefs to rule the parish when they were ordained to serve as leaders of the church and shepherds to the flock,” Elder Slade emphasized.

He pointed out that the immaturity of church leaders include their weakness in how to deal with matters arising from the church.

He also emphasized the practice now taken up by some church ministers to take the Church to Court.

He said that the courts of the Earth are not to judge the sacred affairs of the church as it is something only for the holy and pertaining to God.

The ordained pastors and their wives

The 24 ordained pastors include 6 serving in New Zealand and Australia and 18 serving in Samoa. All have already graduated from Malua Theological School between 1999 and 2016 and have successfully served their apprenticeship for three years.

They are now ordained to conduct church sacraments such as weddings, funerals and baptism which they could not do before.

Whilst some of the ordained pastors are already serving at parishes, some are serving as missionaries, teachers at the church schools and others are serving at the church offices.

Reverend Julius Fruean and Lenitali graduated from Malua in 2003 and are currently serving at Samatau church.

“We feel privileged and honoured because now we feel that we can conduct our calling as pastors fully,” said reverend Fruean.

Reverend Sumeo and Sauimalae Leota are missionaries at the New South Wales church, and they also acknowledge their calling to serve.

This week is the main annual church conference following the committee meetings last week and the church decisions on issues discussed will be tabled on Friday.

Reverend Sumeo and wife Sauimalae (partly obscured) to serve as missionaries in New South Wales being congratulated by a senior relative

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