Outreach talks Lung and Child Cancer with College Students


Lefaga College students during the outreach programme

APIA, SAMOA – TUESDAY 20 JUNE 2017: The Samoa Cancer Society is continuing to conduct outreach awareness on early warning signs & symptoms for cancer.  These village and workplace programmes help dispel myths about cancer and the importance of early detection and early diagnosis.

The awareness programme was at the Lefaga College last week and focused on lung and child cancer.  Using the platform of the society’s current media promotion, the three key messages of “Vave Iloa, Vave Va’ai se Foma’i & Vave Vili Mai” (early detection, see a doctor for advice quickly and call early) were promoted to over 100 students and teachers of Lefaga College last Thursday 15 June.

The main purpose of the outreach was to increase the knowledge of the early signs and symptoms of childhood and lung cancers to the group and to encourage students to NOT take up smoking and to maintain a HEALTHY diet and lifestyle, as priority preventative measures in lowering their risk of getting cancer.

The students and teachers appreciated learning  more about the signs and symptoms of cancer and risk factors that can increase the likelihood of getting cancer, and a 14 year old student said that such awareness is timely and needed for the schools, villages, church groups and the whole country.