Palauli College bans junk food from the school compound

Samoan students joining a sports programme promoting healthy lifestyles

by Rula Su’a Va’ai 

APIA, SAMOA – TUESDAY 14 NOVEMBER 2017: Palauli College Principal and teachers have taken the lead to ban junk food from being sold to students on its college compound.

The idea according to the college principal, Papalii Ene, is for the children to eat healthy in order to have a healthy body and mind.

“We believe if they have healthy minds and healthy bodies, our job in teaching them will be much easier and the teaching will be easily absorbed.”

Palauli College according to the principal is the first in Savaii to make such a move and he is hoping that the neighbouring colleges and primary schools in Satupa’itea can follow their lead.

“At the moment we are informing the parents in our constituency  as well as Satupa’itea so we can come together and support us in achieving our vision, to be a free junk food  school compound,” said the Principal.

“By achieving it, we ask the parents who are available and are interested to volunteer to cook nutritious meals from our vegetable garden for the children.”

Palauli College’s project coincides with the Ministry of Health commemoration of its National Health Week, and Palauli College is one of the recipients of an award in the Ministry’s campaign that focuses on staying healthy as a strong foundation to sustainable development.

“It’s not that we want any rewards but we feel that it is something that should have been done a long time,” Papali’i added. “However getting recognition through an awarded is a bonus.”

Papalii said they are taking one step at a time. “We hope that by next year, our whole plan falls in place, and that is to ensure junk foods will be totally banned from the school compound.”

Papalii further added that having healthy students will produce future leaders from Palauli College.

Palauli College Principal Papalii Ene