Parking meters finally come to Apia

A parking meter infront of the SNPF Plaza in Apia

APIA, SAMOA – TUESDAY 07 AUGUST 2018: Motorists will now have to get used to paying for parking space in town as the pilot parking meters began this week along the busy strip between the ANZ Bank and the SNPF Plaza in Apia.

The Land and Transport Authority said last night that the authority has started piloting the use of parking meters at car parks in front of ANZ Bank main branch until the SNPF Plaza in order to better regulate car parks within Apia.

“LTA will keep you posted on facebook and all media outlets on the details before we commence the use of parking meters.”

Parking is a major issue for the Apia town and some private businesses have established cameras to monitor those who use their car parks and are made to pay if they only park and have no business with those businesses.