Pearl MedSpa on a mission to help the Campus of Hope

PHOTO: Owner of the Pearl MedSpa, Ms. Carol Robbins accepting her Ava during the welcome by the SVSG Board last Saturday

APIA, SAMOA – TUESDAY 30 OCTOBER 2018: For two years now, the owner of the Pearl MedSpa of Portland Oregon, Ms. Carol Robbins and her staff have been supporting Samoa Victim Support Group from afar.  They have fundraised to help run the Campus of Hope for the abused and abandoned children.

“It was my fear of being attached to the children that made me continue to support from the comfort of Pearl MedSpa,” according to Carol who is now with a team of fourteen.

However, the more she got to know SVSG and its work through the President of SVSG, Siliniu Lina Chang, the stronger was her belief to see the place for herself.

Taking a leap of faith
This week, she took that leap of faith. She closed down Pearl MedSpa branches in Portland Oregon and Scottsdale Arizona, and she and team of 14 team staff and branch managers arrived in Samoa on Saturday on a hopeful mission. The objective is to understand the work of SVSG better, so that they can better provide support.

SVSG President Siliniu Lina Chang welcoming Carol Robbins and team at Faleolo Airport

Celebrating 11 years of health and wellness from inside out, the Pearl MedSpa is 2 years short of when SVSG was first set up in 2005.  However, there was a connection from the start.  And that connection was the love for the children.

“We came here to bless the children, see how we can be part of the hopeful mission, however, we were blessed in return.  Those smiles, its simply amazing,” said Carol.

She is accompanied by Pearl MedSpa’s General Manager Leuso McKenzie, who has travelled back and forth over the years to visit the children, discussed with the SVSG Executive the needs to sustain the shelter’s operation and organized fundraising events in Portland for the children.

The Pearl MedSpa team was welcomed by the SVSG Board during an Ava ceremony performed by the SVSG village representatives, upon arrival on Saturday.  This was followed by Sunday with the SVSG family at the Campus of Hope where the Chair of Board, Mrs. Georgina Lui thanked Carol and the Pearl MedSpa for showing SVSG that they care.

“What you have done through this trip is to reaffirm our belief here at SVSG that distance and circumstances don’t matter, it is all about the heart and the will to lend a helping hand,” said Georgina.

Included in the trip was a training for the SVSG family on trauma and how to deal with traumatized children conducted by Dr. Bret Fuller, a psychologist that provides therapy for addiction, depression, anxiety, and a whole host of other life issues. The SVSG Board, Executive, staff, matrons, volunteers and the youth – the SVSG Juniors all took part in the training.

The Pearl MedSpa team de-vanning the container of goodies donated for the Campus of Hope

Teaching the girls life skills in manicure and pedicure, cooking, baking and how to take care of themselves as young women, all geared towards self-sustainability, that when these girls leave the Campus, they can use these skills to support and provide for themselves and their families.

A container of donated goods was devanned at the Campus as part of the trip by the Pearl MedSpa.

“Above all else, it is the fellowship that is most valuable, as the Pearl MedSpa team took over the carer roles at the Campus since they have arrived,” said the SVSG President Siliniu Lina Chang.

“To God be the glory always for connecting SVSG with people who are committed to sustaining this work further, for the abused and vulnerable members of our community,” said Siliniu.