People need entertainment despite recession and swine flu

APIA: Friday 7 August 2009 – The ringmaster and owner of the Magic Circus of Samoa, Tupai Bruno says people need entertainment instead of worrying and getting sad. He was responding to questions that in a time of the swine flu and economic recession he is extending his circus shows for another fortnight due to popular demand.

Bruno says if things are really depressing, people need to get themselves out of that mood as depression breeds more depression. He said people have to have hope for the best and entertainment, especially the circus as it gives people that moment of happiness instead of worrying and getting sad.

The Magic Circus of Samoa is extending for another two weeks upon a request from its main sponsor Digicel Samoa due to demand. Bruno prides himself in his Samoan Circus featuring local talents in the trapeze acts, knife dancers and young motor cycle rider who has set a record of fitting five motorcycles travelling at 70 kilometers per hour in the globe of death. The Circus had been training at their camp at Aleisa where some of the local talents have emerged.

After the two weeks extension, the Circus will travel for two years in the Pacific, the Indian Ocean and the Caribbean. The local acts will however be visiting home in between as the containers carrying their equipment make their way to their next destination.