PM questions Anti-Corruption Tribunal motives

Looking at the Central Bank of Samoa and the main government administration building from Lalovaea

Source: PRESS RELEASE- Savali News

APIA, SAMOA: WEDNESDAY 10 FEBRUARY 2016: Prime Minister Tuilaepa Lupesoliai Sailele Malielegaoi is flabbergasted with the latest call by the Opposition Party for government to establish an Anti-Corruption Tribunal.

“We already have laws authorizing the establishments of Commission of Inquiries to investigate and recommend appropriate actions on any alleged incidence of corruption,” Tuilaepa told the media.

“Has the Opposition being sleeping and snoring by not remembering the existences of these anti-corruption processes are already in place?

“And we have the Independent Chief Auditor’s Office that report directly to Parliament on the status of the government’s Ministries performances and their responsibilities.

“In case the Opposition has forgotten, it was the Chief Auditor’s report on the Samoa Land Corporation that led to controversies that parliament has since resolved.

“And then there is the Office of the Ombudsman which is armed with the needed legal arsenal to investigate any alleged abuses of power in any Ministry or Corporation.

“The record also shows that my administration have never intervened with justice.

“In fact, an Associate Minister stepped down as a Member of Parliament when he was found guilty of a criminal offense.

“And my administration had never tried to undermine justice in both cases.

“Even now, one of my Associate Ministers is facing criminal charges in a dispute with the Speaker of Parliament.

“Where is the Prime Minister?

“I am sitting right here, letting justice takes its course because no one including the Prime Minister is above the law.

“No corrupt government would ever establish Commission of Inquiries, strengthen the Chief Auditor and Ombudsman to investigate and persecute itself.

“I say again, that this administration has nothing to hide,” continued Tuilaepa. “But it does raise questions pertaining to the motives and timing of the widely publicized political call by the Tautua Samoa Opposition Party.

“It shows that the Opposition has run out of political ammunition in their desperate quest to woo voters and win the country’s respect.

“Where is the former Supreme Court Judge who is an Opposition MP?

“What of the former NUS lecturer and Professor of Economics also in the Opposition ranks.

“They should know these things like the back of their hands.

“The Opposition’s schoolyard tactics is also proof that that there campaign strategies are pointless, running out of steam.

“In my view Tautua Samoa are a likable bunch of characters with no credibility whatsoever,” the Prime Minister concluded.